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Houston Insulation Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my house ready for installation of insulation?
You can contact us at any time with any specific questions about your home installation.

Is there anything I need to do before installation?
Some insulation is installed using a drill, which may knock fragile possessions off of the wall or their shelves, etc. You may want to remove these items before installation.

What areas in the home are the best to get insulated?
Some areas that can be overlooked when deciding on insulation are interior walls, floors of outside rooms such as a garage, high ceilings, and basement walls and floors.

I’m short on cash, should I just insulate the areas of my home that need it?
It depends! If you install insulation in your entire home you may reap more benefits than just trying to insulate certain isolated areas.

How much insulation do I need?
It depends on a lot of factors, such as the climate and type of insulation that you chose. You can contact us for more information.

Do I need to remove the insulation that’s in my home already?
No. Adding extra insulation on top of existing insulation can make it more efficient.



Saving another 25% by insulating your roof can make a massive


Not many people realise that yet another 15% of the heat generated can disappear through the floor.


Covering either the internal or the external walls dependant on need can reduce your energy bills by 25%.


If your windows & doors are more than 8 years old you could save a further 25% by changing them to more efficient ones.

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